Mameyes River Challange

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Mameyes River Challange

I remember growing up having some sort of a sports rivalry with my big sister. In summary, she was better than me at everything you could imagine. When we were shooting a few hoops, she dashed by me dribbling the ball before swishing effortlessly a three-pointer. I never was that agile, but she always kept pushing for more challenges. Ping-pong, skating, soccer… She dominated everything and never went easy on me.

My big sis had that spirit of competitiveness; always hungry to defeat somebody. I guess I was her closest victim. I didn’t mind losing to her after all. I just wanted to keep trying and enjoy the moments with her. She wasn’t after all a bad person, and in the bitterness of defeat I found consolation it was my big sis who made me look that bad.

A few years later we find ourselves at the foothills of the national rain forest. I don’t know what got into me, but it was me who initiated the challenge this time. I said, “the first one to arrive to the Mameyes River in the quad bike wins.” There were a few traces of surprise on her face that she hid very well, but she gladly accepted.

I got off to a good start, but my big sis rapidly gained on me. She wasn’t used to losing and she wasn’t about to start now. Unfortunately for her I had my mind set on my first win. I cut her pretty good on the turns and rode more aggressively than ever before. She noticed my determination, and that made her push harder and harder. That was an epic battle, if I may say so. For a better part of the trajectory we were in a virtual tie. I was so excited. I’ve never been a real challenge to my sis, until now. The challenge was almost over as the river could be found just a few seconds away. In a very few moments I was going to find out if I could really defeat my big sis. I was so ready to win, but what happened next changed my mind.

On the last turn we went over a murky puddle of water. I missed the hit but my big sis got rained on her face and eyes. I noticed immediately distress on her face.  It slowed her down enough for me to realize I could win easily the race. But I didn’t.

I slowed down a little too and I made sure we both got to the river at the same time. I still don’t know why I did it. I guess in the end all this time I was happier that my big sis won than sad that I lost. I don’t think I wanted to see her losing. So I fixed the tie in the last second.

My big sis was smart enough to understand what I had done. I tried to deny it but she was no fool. She wasn’t mad. She was glad for me. Glad that I finally tried for real and gave her the challenge of her life.

After swimming in the river we agreed to stop the challenges. And to be honest, it was about time.


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